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Amores de Clementis

Website for Havanese breeder

Amores de Clementis


The Havanese is a charming dog who will win your heart instantly. They originate from Cuba, although they are supposed to bring them there from the Mediterranean. My goal was to create a modern and interactive website.


UX & UI designer and Web developer


Apr. - May 2018

Project Type



Wireframes, User Interface, Web development


Sketch, InVision, Bootstrap framework, PHP, Barbra.js

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Amores de Clementis


The problem with websites for family pets are often outdated and very confusing. I wanted to create a new experience for dog enthusiasts. The website is vertically split, which means that on the left page, a dog is always shown. Every page has a different image and context.


The wireframes helped me to create a perfect design and user experience that I wanted.

Amores de Clementis Wireframes


For the font, I used Avenir and two primary colour, light black and gold

Amores de Clementis Typography

Final Design

After the wireframes and typography, I started by designing the website. On the mobile phones, I created a tab bar to show the next and previous page for easier navigation through the website.

Amores de Clementis Final Amores de Clementis Final

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