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Boomerang is the first free lottery in a mobile app

Boomerang Cover


Boomerang is a mobile app representing an intermediate way between companies and customers. When the user successfully completed the poll, he is rewarded with a Boomerang. User can do other activities on the app, such as playing games, watching ads, and for that, they are rewarded with Boomerangs. Boomerang represents a ticket for every 14-days draw. There are 30 prizes, and each of them is a money prize. More boomerangs you have more chance there is to win a prize.


Lead designer


Jan. 2016 – Feb. 2017

Project Type

iOS and Android application


User flows, Wireframes, User Interface, Prototypes and Testing


Sketch, Zeplin, Illustrator, Photoshop


The app was initially only used when you received a notification due to having polls as it’s only content. There was no other activity on the app. The main screen of the app had a flat old-school look without any interaction with the user.

Boomerang Main Screen

My Role

I was the only designer in the company. Before I took a role as a UX and UI designer of the app, I was creating content for the polls on the app. An external contractor made the design of the app. Soon after that, there was an opportunity to take over the design and user experience of the app. Then I was responsible for user flows, wireframes, user experience, user interface and testing.

The Challenge and Process

The main question was how to engage users to use the app. Before the creation of any design, we asked users what they want on the app. We had user interviews with current users of the platform. After brainstorming with the team what we wanted to achieve, we decided to implement games for them to become the main feature of the app. Once we set the goal, I started to create user-flow, wireframes, user interface and design of the mini-games.

User-Flow and Low-Fi Prototypes

Boomerang User Flow


Once I had user flow and low-fi prototypes, I started with the user interface for the new screens.

1. Redesign of the main screen

The main screen was completely redesigned. Boomerang in the middle represents your activity on the app. One way to fill it is by tapping on it, the second watch adds and third play games. Once is filled you get a Boomerang. The information about the draw was moved to the top, and each field has a different colour to be interactive. We had removed the menu button and replaced it with More (three dots), and we added a button for games.

Boomerang Main Screen

2. Implementation of games

The new feature was that we introduced games in the app. We create a couple of mini-games which users can play and have fun. With every game played, users get coins, and these coins fill the boomerang in the main screen.

Boomerang Games

3. Watch ads and choose the coin

Another way to get coins is to watch a short ad and then choose the coin. There are six coins, and you can choose one. Each coin is hiding a reward.

Boomerang Watch Ad


With releasing this new features in the app, the user engagement was increased by 65%. Also, the download of the app increased as well. The final design of the app is cleaner, interactive and games became the main feature of the app.

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