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Knauf Insulation

Web Calculation tool

Knauf Insulation Cover


With 40 years of experience in the insulation industry, Knauf Insulation is leading the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world.
I was responsible for creating the web calculation tool. The project was partnered with Point Out agency.


UX & UI designer and Web developer


Feb. - Mar. 2018

Project Type

Web Calculation tool


Wireframes, User Interface, Prototypes, Web development


Sketch, InVision, Bootstrap framework, PHP


Before the website all the calculations were made in excel. They wanted to simplify the experience and that the customer can calculate results on his own. They prepared all the material and specification that I needed.


Once I knew what they want, I prepared wireframes for a better presentation of the website calculator.

Knauf Insulation Wireframes


I used the Knauf Insulation brand guidelines for the website. The font is Futura STD and four primary Knauf Insulation colours.

Knauf Insulation Typography

Final Design

There was a lot of communication between Knauf Insulation. Once I got approval for the wireframes, I started with the design of the website. They checked the design as well. After another confirmation, I started with the development of the website. The English text has been replaced with the German version, which Knauf Insulation prepared for the website.

Knauf Insulation Final

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