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Slim Smirk

Presentation website for artist

Slim Smirk Cover


Slim Smirk is a Slovenian singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. As a lifetime listener of all kinds of different musical genres the music will always be a kind-of mixture of melodic vocals and crazy instrumentals.


UX & UI designer and Web developer


Oct. 2019

Project Type



Wireframes, User Interface, Web development


Sketch, InVision, Bootstrap framework, PHP, Barbra.js, Paper.js

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Slim Smirk


I wanted for this website that would be unique. So I push myself to implement some latest technologies such as barbra.js and paper.js. The webpage is simple, and the purpose is to show the last songs from the artist.


Firstly I created wireframes to set up the structure of the page and to get an impression of how the site will look like.

Slim Smirk Wireframes


I decided for untypical font, called Papyrus. The main colour for text is white, black for the background and red for the mouse cursor.

Slim Smirk Typography

Final Design

In the background there is always a picture of the artist. The song page has background of song cover. I also made an admin panel for adding new songs on the website.

Slim Smirk Final

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